rhiimoot is your mini controller for Spotify    

rhiimoot is a mini controller software for ¹Spotify® on your ²Windows® computer making it easy to control playing songs without using the main Spotify window. It has basic functionalities such as "previous, play/pause, next" and showing current playing song title & artist. rhiimoot is an offline program and does not need your credentials to work. It is completely FREE!

  • Play/pause current song
  • Jump to previous track
  • Jump to next track
  • OSD (on screen display) on song change
  • VU-meter in main window
  • Sleep timer for closing Spotify
  • Track your Spotify listening time on your PC
  • "Always on top" option for easy access
  • Cache & temporary data cleaner
  • Album art support
  • 10 elegant themes
  • Create a list of songs you've listened to
  • Update warnings
  • Works with both free & premium versions of Spotify
Frequently asked questions
  1. Why did you make rhiimoot? 
    rhiimoot started as I needed something to control Spotify without using its main window but couldn't find any. It's a hassle to go to Spotify window constantly to skip a song or pause when needed, it creates a distraction especially while working. So I created one for myself. As it evolved in time, with some additions, I made it user friendly and it became something that I can share with other music lovers. I see people in similar need for this and this is my solution to share.  
  2. How does rhiimoot work? (Where is my Spotify window?) 
    As soon as you press any of the previous/play-pause/next buttons rhiimoot takes over Spotify and hides it for a clean desktop environment. It's especially useful when you are listening to an album or playlist. 
    When you want to access to Spotify window (to search, play another album or playlist) you need to press the "release Spotify" button located third from bottom right corner. 
    rhiimoot also brings back your Spotify window when you exit. 
  3. What is browser cache? 
    Spotify for desktop is actually based on chromium browser and like all browsers it has a cache. When you use it it bloats in time thus slowing down your navigation experience and may increase starting time. It's good to clean this junk time to time to speed up Spotify.  
  4. What is temporary data? 
    When you listen anything in Spotify, it gets the needed data online and writes it on your drive. So let's say you want to listen a song you've listened 5 hours ago again, it will not get that data online but use the one on your drive. While this is useful for fast access and reduces your internet data usage, it often increases to gigabytes in a short time without noticing, especially if you skip songs frequently. It is good to check and clean these time to time to free up space in your harddrive. 
  5. When I start the sleep timer I always see the same bar regardless of choosen time, why? 
    The bar adapts itself to the choosen time. It doesn't matter if you've chosen 5 mins or 10 hours, the bar always starts at the same position representing your set value. It gets shorter according to it.  
  6. Which device should I choose for VU-meter? 
    It should be the first one in the list (usually Speaker) but it depends which sound output you're using. 
  7. rhimoot doesn't recognize that there is song playing
    This is a normal behaviour and happens rarely. Just press play/pause button on either Spotify or rhiimoot or restart Spotify and it should work normally.
  8. rhiimoot is blurry
    Right click on rhiimoot.exe and choose properties. Then click on Compability --> Change high DPI settings --> High DPI scaling override --> select "Application" then Save & Restart
  9. Where is the list of the song I've listened to?
    Data is beautiful section is for cataloging the songs you've listened to. The .txt file is stored in "\Data" folder where
    rhiimoot.exe is located.
  10. I can't see any album art?
    Rhiimoot has the ability to get various info about playing song by using your Spotify username only (album art & album name for now). This option is off by default and can not be activated without a correct username. Your password is not needed and your username is stored in your PC only. This option needs an active internet connection and has a 2-3seconds delay to retrieve and show the album art.